Feed Shark Privacy Policy

Modified On: March, 26 2020

Welcome to the Feed Shark Privacy Policy. This page is designed to help our visitors clearly understand the privacy practices of Feed Shark. This Privacy Policy will outline what types of information we collect, why we collect this information, how we collect this information, and what this information is used for. Please print this entire document for your records.

At Feed Shark, we collect voluntary information that our visitors give us, such as name, email address, website details, and other information not mentioned on this page that we also collect when providing support to our visitors. We may collect and store information that visitors provide us when filling out and submitting forms that our services use to process your request. We also log and collect technical information from our visitors, such as browser, IP address, referring URL, and other information not mentioned on this page that helps us diagnose and troubleshoot potential problems with our website and services.

Feed Shark uses various methods to collect this information from our visitors. We use 3rd party and server based services to collect and store this information. This information helps us improve our services and assists us in providing relevant support to our visitors.

The Feed Shark website uses both session based and persistent cookies to improve our services. These cookies are served from our website and/or via 3rd party services, and may be used for analytics, security, troubleshooting, personalization, and/or other purposes not mentioned on this page.

Feed Shark does not sell, rent, and/or lease any of its visitor's information for marketing purposes. Feed Shark may directly contact its visitors for support purposes and/or to notify our visitors about various promotions and/or other important information. We also have the right to share any and all information upon the request of law enforcement, at any time.

We encourage you to carefully review the privacy practices and terms of service of all 3rd party websites and services found on the Feed Shark website, and all 3rd party websites that may link to Feed Shark. These 3rd party websites and services are separate from Feed Shark, therefore, we have no control over their practices.

This Privacy Policy may change at any time, therefore, please review this page on a regular basis to stay informed of our current privacy practices. Upon modification of this Privacy Policy, all changes shall be effective immediately and your continued access or use of Feed Shark shall be deemed your conclusive acceptance of the modified Privacy Policy.

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy.